Pisac Leather Statement Clutch

Nestled deep in the Andes Mountains, imagine walking down a small narrow cobblestone path in a picturesque village (known for its mystical powers) and coming across a dark, dusty hidden shop ~ lined floor to ceiling with bright, beautiful handwoven textiles. Wandering the aisles, you feel the force of generations of women who have stitched and woven before you ~ every fibre an anthology of stories told and old world traditions of craft. 

For us, this is inspiration. This is why we do what we do.

Not only will this special bag brighten your world, it is a living piece of history, made from vintage and very rare fabric trim remnants, used to decorate women's skirts in the Andean mountains. Each piece was hand selected in that very shop ~ nestled deep in the small village of Pisac, in the Sacred Valley. Woven by hand on backstrap loom, each piece is completely one of a kind.


• Natural off-white canvas lining 
• Measures 10" across and 4" in height 
• Brass 10" zipper closure and hardware
• Leather base on both sides

Each bag also includes a leather clip-on wristlet strap.

For this listing, we have 5 available - all are cut from the same piece of cloth but have slight variations on each bag.


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