August 26, 2014


Phew what a week! I just returned from NYC where I exhibited at NY NOW with Etsy Wholesale. To those not familiar, NY NOW is a tradeshow where many of the world's boutiques go to buy goods for their stores. Etsy just officially launched a new facet of their company - Etsy Wholesale - which is a private juried marketplace within Etsy that connects shop owners with designers. Since Etsy Wholesale just had their official public launch at the beginning of August, they decided to make a big splash at NY NOW this year. I was invited by Etsy to come and take part in this massive, beautiful pavilion they created and act as an ambassador for Etsy. 

I have to say - what an amazing experience! To exhibit at a tradeshow like this is such an enormous and costly undertaking and I was so fortunate to have everything taken care of - from my booth design to my marketing materials. We had an incredible 90' long space that ran the entire length of the lobby leading into the handmade wing of the show.  There were 24 of us exhibiting and everyone's work was simply fantastic - so creative and polished.  I've included several photos from my booth above, as well as the Etsy lounge - all designed by my insanely talented friends at Workshop. (the same folks that designed the beautiful Etsy Pop-Up Shop that that occurred in NYC two years ago that I took part in.) I am particularly enamoured by the system of boards with wooden pegs they used to hold all of the shelves. Such a smart arrangement and I wish I had thought of it myself!

Beyond all of the fun of meeting so many Etsy sellers whose work I was already familiar with and everyone at Etsy, I was also blessed to meet many shop owners and you will be finding my goods at a whole slew of new shops across the USA in the coming weeks. I will make some announcements as orders go out - that way you can check things out locally if there is a shop in your area.

Now on to the task of actually making these orders!

All of the above photos were taken by Laura Pardo.


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