October 10, 2014

 Out of nowhere I suddenly became obsessed with tufty things, weaving, macrame and any sort of odd textural wall hanging. I think it started with Moroccan wedding blankets. A friend asked me to bring one back from Morocco and I didn't care much for them a year ago but they really grew on me with their mixture of metallics, soft cotton and fringe. When I got back I noticed Etsy was featuring quite a few different wall hangings in their promo emails and then bam! suddenly they are appearing all over the net and I want one, bad!  I've featured a few examples above of some of my favourites, I think the weirder and bigger the better. I also love when other elements from nature are incorporated, pieces of driftwood or metal. I'm imagining one above my bed that takes up half the wall with lot's of long cream threads with bits of metallic woven in and bits of driftwood. I am even considering making one myself. I found this tutorial if you want to try your own hand at it:

 If you'd like to find the source of any of these images I made this Pinterest board where you can find all of these images and more that link back to their original sources. What do you think about this trend? 


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