March 20, 2014

Well it's officially Spring now. Le sigh. This is my absolute, hands down favourite season of the year. I seem to just come alive; I start to naturally wake up with the sun and the sight of colour, blossoms, leaves on the trees just recharges me like no other season. The air smells good, I feel warm again - you know what I'm talking about. I like to think of winter as a personal germination period, I tend to read, write a lot, plan and work behind the scenes. And when Spring hits, its time for action and the sun just naturally recharges me. I love it.  Consequently, one of the things I also enjoy about Spring is lighter and more colourful clothing. Sandals, dresses, blouses. Not taking forever to put on layer upon layer to head outside. This season I am all about big chunky jewelry, tribal beaded sandals and some soft flowy boho dresses that I can dress up with cool accessories. You can find many more inspiring images via  my Pinterest boards which is where these ones have all been pulled from. Have a great weekend! XO


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