February 27, 2014

I recently bought a beautiful Kantha quilt for my bedroom and I have become kind of obsessed with them. They are made in India and Bangladesh from the remnants of sari silks. The pieces are patched together with the 'Kantha' stitch which results in beautiful textural and intricate lines. They're also very lightweight and reversible. The one I bought is predominantly olive green with these little tiny hand stitched patches where holes might have been in the sari. This is what I love about the Kantha - there is almost inherent a story in the material, the patches from wear and use, the care in the stitch, the culture, tradition and communities they came from. 

I bought mine on Ebay from a company called Federal Exports. They have an Etsy shop as well and I recommend checking them both out as each quilt is one of a kind. I love mine because it was made in Rajasthan, a place I spent quite a bit of time in when I was traveling through India. Here are a few more cool places to check them out:

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