March 03, 2016


Over the past few months I've been looking everywhere for vintage African indigo. It is not easy to find and usually it's pretty pricey when I do. However, I managed to unearth a few pieces last Fall which sold out over Christmas and then just this month a few more.  The pieces I have are from about 1950-1970 and all are with natural indigo tie-dye (stitch resist dyed) in a strip weave hand-spun cotton, from the Dogon tribes of Mali. I love the signs of deterioration and the natural indigo color that just gets better with age. Each panel is only about 10" wide and they are hand stitched together with many inconsistencies that add to their beauty. We added a few items to the shop today and will be adding a few more later this month. You can find the bags featured in this blog post here, here and here.

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